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Here’s the deal! all of us have been on vacation and thought “darn! Why didn’t I spend a little more time in the gym”! or how about the first week of summer at the pool or the beach when there is no chance you’re putting on a bathing suit! And you look around and there they are.. the ones who obviously prepared and have no problem in a bathing suit.. having fun, laughing, playing with the kids! Oh, and don’t even get me started on skinny jeans!! All of this can make you feel insecure and unhappy, it’s just really not a good feeling at all! Maybe you don’t have the energy, you’re tired, you have no time, life just seems overwhelming!

The answer to solving all of this has always been right in front of you but for some reason, even though you’ve made previous commitments to it, and you made efforts towards it, it still exists! And you just can’t seem to break the pattern.. Don’t worry you are not alone! You may think you are, but you’re not! The fact is, you’re not a fitness expert and you haven’t committed your life to understanding proper technique, form, intervals, etc.. But we have! And we will be there with you every step of the way.

Imagine your life for a second if you took control of the things that may be holding you back. Better yet, imagine your body just the way you want it, on that beach, in that pool, on that vacation.. would you be happier? Would you look forward to it? Would you have more fun? Would you have the energy to be more productive in every aspect of your life? Would you be a better mother, wife, husband?? Would you be more productive at work? More successful? Guess what.. the answer is YES! yes to all of the above!

At Solid Fit Club we understand.. we get it! And more importantly we know how to solve it! But it starts with you! Once you first step into our gym you will immediately feel like this is the place where all of your fitness dreams and goals are going to be accomplished.. this is the place where you are no longer going to talk about it, instead you’re going to be about it! At Solid Fit Club we have customized a circuit training bootcamp that is results motivated and at the same time challenging and fun! Yeah that’s right I said FUN! We have incorporated TRX suspension training, Kettle Bell Fitness training, Bulgarian bag fitness, kick boxing, just to name a few! Every exercise is designed to achieve maximum results. And guess what.. our workouts are only 35 minutes a session! Can you find 35 minutes a day to change your life?? I bet you can.. and I know you will!

Earlier I mentioned “it starts with you”.. and it does! But all you need to do now is pick up your phone and call us! Take the biggest step in the direction toward once and for all solving this problem and call us now! We will get you set up in one of our Fitness Bootcamp circuit training classes today! You will love it, you will tell all of your friends about it, and most important you will change your life forever! So call now and lets get you started on this journey to a happier healthier you! ☺

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